Health and Safety Consultancy

Health and safety can be a legal and practical minefield for many businesses. To ensure due diligence, it is vital that every organisation has an up to date Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessment Policy and Fire Risk Assessment. What our clients want is full legal compliance, without having to adopt an over-engineered approach to health and safety procedures. They also don’t want to be locked into long term contracts, that fail to allow for changes to the business.

We offer a cost effective, real world support service that doesn’t tie you into a long term contract. Your company’s requirements will be reviewed at the end of the 12 month period to determine how the health and safety support service will need to be adjusted for the subsequent year.

Your main contact will be a fully qualified health and safety expert, to provide on going support and mentoring for your staff in order to transfer knowledge and skills to them, to improve the company’s health and safety capability. This person will also take on the role as your qualified health and safety competent person, to ensure that your policies, procedures, risk assessments and working practices are compliant with current health and safety legislation.

The Health and Safety Support Service includes the following:

  • Baseline health and safety assessment; establishing and reviewing what is in place
  • Health and Safety Action Plan formed from the above.
  • Instigation of a health and safety manual (paper or electronic) if required
  • Quarterly or bi-monthly visits to review progress on action plan and/or support with implementation
  • Provision of a qualified external Competent Person for health and safety
  • Notice of any new or changed legislation
  • Telephone/email support

What makes us different?

We provide you with:

  • Fully qualified health and safety expert, to visit your premises on a regular basis and provide on going telephone advice
  • 'Real world’ approach that takes into account your organisation’s size, sector and real risks
  • a 12 month contract, which will be reviewed at the end, allowing you to make an informed business decision
  • Hands on approach to ensure that your policies and documentation are up to date and match legal requirements


Fire Consultancy Services

We can fill the gap in knowledge and expertise by providing experienced and appropriately qualified, specialist consultants to either facilitate you to be able to comply with regulations or undertake services on your behalf so you can get on with managing your business.

We can provide solutions for just one regulatory discipline or take care of a range of areas for you, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Fire Consultancy Services

Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, all businesses are responsible for managing their own fire risk. We can offer a number of ways to assist you with your fire risk assessment.

Fire Risk Consultancy Advice

Prior to carrying out or reviewing your fire risk assessment, one of our experienced fire consultants can provide you with up to 2 hours consultancy support to understand the law and work out practical steps to comply with it. We’ll help you at every stage from identifying the risks, to creating your own action plan.

Fire Risk Assessment Service

Our specialist Fire Risk Consultants can carry out a Fire Risk Assessment for your business - helping you to build a safe working environment, ensure compliance and prioritise any remedial work.

Call 0161 359 3405, email to discuss your individual requirements and to provide a quote.